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YOG educational program accessible to organizers of youth sports events with just one click


The International Olympic Committee (IOC) ensured that the educational content offered to young athletes during the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) available to Olympic movement.

The “YOG Educational Program @ Sports events for young people is now available free of charge on the IOC website in International Federations (IF), National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and organizers of sporting events and championships. The toolkit is free and easy to download for those organizers, who can take advantage of the entire program at sporting events.

The content has been specially designed for young elite athletes between the ages of 15-18 who want to learn how to become champions on the field and in life. According to Olympic charter, “Olympism is a philosophy of life (…) mixing sport with culture and education. More than a century after the first publication of the Charter, education remains one of the fundamental pillars of Olympism and the YOG. Since the Singapore 2010 YOG, nearly 10,000 young athletes, in addition to local young people during the different Games, have had access to educational programs run in parallel with the sports competitions. “With this program, all sporting event organizers can now offer their young athletes a fun, educational and engaging program that covers the topics most important for this age group: protecting athletes, improving performance. and assistance outside of sport and with career transition, “said Christophe Dubi, IOC Executive Director for the Olympic Games. “This is precisely what makes the Youth Olympic Games so successful. The content is now digitally accessible and easy to use on site.

A program to train, support and protect athletes The content of the YOG Educational Program @ Sports events for young people was set up under the leadership of the IOC. It contains three areas of focus: athlete protection, performance and assistance to athletes outside of sport. The activities are self-explanatory and just need to be downloaded to a computer or tablet by the event organizers.
The content is varied and adapts to all situations and all formats. Athletes can watch videos, download apps with immersive scenarios, answer quizzes, play computer games, access online learning platforms, learn about exercises to prevent injuries, and even explore various opportunities. for a smooth transition from competitive sport to the workplace. The first section includes content created and produced by the IOC, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the International Testing Agency (ITA). The “Play True” quiz teaches young athletes how to protect themselves. Athlete365 videos raise awareness of the importance of taking care of their mental health to perform at their best in sport. “Draw the Line” is another online activity that describes different forms of harassment and abuse, and the “Believe in Sport” app allows users to create their own avatars, placing them in 10 different scenarios involving various case of manipulation. The second section aims to encourage athletes to stay active, with a focus on fewer injuries, more sport and better performance. The “Get Set – Train Smarter” application offers a series of training exercises adapted to each sport in the Games program. The final section provides aspiring professional athletes with education, training and career advice through testing and online resources developed by Athlete365. Just a click away for event planners Designed for IFs, NOCs and event teams organizing championships or youth games, this guide has been developed so that they can successfully, easily and economically implement an educational program before, during and after an event. Ingmar De Vos, President of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI), said: “I am delighted that young athletes around the world can now benefit from this educational program, and I look forward to deploying it in the equestrian world. We have a great responsibility to educate the next generation of athletes, to help them achieve athletic and human success, to support them and to ensure their well-being. The toolbox provides practical advice on how to organize activities, for example on how to set up a designated area for them. It also contains recommendations for briefing the animators on site, as well as all the necessary ingredients to organize a well attended and successful event. All activities (resources and links) can be downloaded free of charge on the organizers’ devices and are delivered on site. All the educational content of the YOG Educational Program @ Sports events for young people is accessible free of charge on the IOC website.