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Woman faces assault charge after incident at school sporting event

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An incident at a sporting event at a Haldimand County school earlier this month resulted in an assault charge against a Caledonia resident.

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Haldimand Provincial Police released news of the assault charge on Friday, saying the incident in question occurred on November 8.

David Smouter, spokesperson for the Grand Erie District School Board, said the board is aware of the incident and is cooperating fully with authorities.

In an email, Smouter confirmed that the incident happened during a basketball game. He said the match was played to the end, after which a complaint was filed with the Brant Haldimand Norfolk Athletics Association (AABHN).

“An assault complaint has been filed with the Ontario Provincial Police and they are investigating. Said Smouter.

“All students, staff and volunteers have the right to play in a safe space. Grand Erie will not tolerate violence of any kind. We are fully cooperating with this investigation, and as this matter is before the courts, we will not share further details.

“We can confirm that the person against whom the assault complaint was brought is not a Grand Erie employee.”

The family of the alleged victim has retained the services of a lawyer. Alex Battick, of Battick Legal Advisory in Mississauga, was quiet about the incident when asked about it on Friday. He said the incident happened at a women’s sporting event.

Game results posted on the AABHN website on November 8 indicate that there was a junior girls basketball game and a senior girls basketball game at McKinnon High School. Park in Caledonia that day. Both were playoff games.

The junior match was between McKinnon Park and North Park Collegiate Vocational School of Brantford. The senior match featured McKinnon Park against Pauline Johnson Collegiate and Vocational School, also of Brantford.

Smouter declined to comment on unconfirmed reports that the accused is a coach.

A 41-year-old Caledonian woman has been charged.

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