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What is the best spring sporting event? – The Bradley Scout

The future of the NFL

by Rodrigo Perez

With the Super Bowl behind us, football fans will now turn their attention to the NFL Draft and wait for potential recruits who could potentially improve their team.

Although the draft cannot be compared to major tournaments such as the NCAA’s March Madness, the importance of the draft cannot be ignored. It is one of the best spring sporting events due to its impact on the upcoming football season.

As the draft usually unfolds, no one really knows what’s going to happen, and it’s this anticipation that makes this event as intense as any other game. You really never know what you are going to get.

No team is perfect and there is always room for improvement. Soccer remains one of America’s most beloved sports, and the draft gives teams that didn’t do very well last season the opportunity to recruit young, up-and-coming talent.

While first-round picks are the most likely to become NFL superstars, any of these players on the draft could become legendary. Just ask Russell Wilson or Tom Brady, who were third- and sixth-round picks, respectively.

With notable players such as Kyle Hamilton, Derek Stringly Jr. and Aidan Hutchinson up for grabs this year, anticipation will be high.

The ultimate goal of any NFL team is to win the Super Bowl, and the draft is your chance to bring in players to get you there in the future.

A month full of madness

by Skye Gillespie

March Madness is not only the biggest sporting event of spring, but also the biggest sporting event in all of sports.

March is a month when sports fans unite around the world as they pray for the perfect break, beg for the underdogs to win, and put all their responsibilities aside while they wait for “One Shining Moment” to play.

They call it “March Madness” for a reason; this month is full of the unthinkable. Even people who don’t care less about college basketball are logging on to watch and bet on games.

Walking into class and seeing students watching games on their laptops while dismissing everything their teacher has to say is a truly magical feeling. The air seems to be cooler in March.

Now I get why the NFL Draft is such an important sporting event, but nothing beats March Madness. Sports fans have the opportunity to watch their teams sign their next franchise player and that’s certainly special. Want to know what else is special? Watch 68 of college basketball’s best teams go head-to-head to be remembered forever.

Few sporting events will make me more nervous than March Madness, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I won’t sleep this month; I’ll be in my room everyday and reconnect with the world when March Madness is over.