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Tunisian party accuses authorities of allowing Israelis to attend sporting event – ​​Middle East Monitor

The Republican Party of Tunisia has accused local authorities of allowing Israelis to participate in an unnamed sports tournament planned in the city of Hammamet, adjacent to the capital, Tunis.

“As the Zionist enemy intensifies its attacks against the Palestinian people and their holy places, and after the assassination of the martyr Shireen Abu Akleh (…), the July 25 Authority, in an attempt to break its international isolation, has taken unauthorized normalization measures,” the party said in a statement yesterday.

He added that the authorities recently received “Zionist delegations” in the city of Djerba under the guise of a “religious visit” to the El Ghriba synagogue.

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The party said Tunisian authorities are trying to open the door to normalizing relations with Israel through sports by allowing “Zionist settlers” to participate in sports tournaments in the city of Hammamet.

He then denounced the normalization measures, saying that “full responsibility” lies with President Kais Saied for this systematic policy which “undermines” national sovereignty and represents a “stab” in the back of the Palestinians.

The party called on all Tunisians to “face any attempt to enter the Tunisian national arena, and to prevent any sporting event that includes Israelis”, calling on the authorities to “cancel the sports tournament” planned in the city of Hammamet, and to expel the Israelis. who were allowed to participate.

He also called for “the enactment of a law criminalizing normalization in all its forms with the Zionist occupation state.”

It comes amid ongoing controversy over the ‘Jewish pilgrimage’ season to the Djerba synagogue, which ended a few days ago and saw the attendance of hundreds of Israelis, as well as high-profile figures to support normalization with Israel.