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Tokyo Olympics ‘most restrictive sporting event’: IOC chief urges Japanese to support, World News

Shortly after the International Olympic Committee reported the first case of coronavirus in the Olympic Village, Chief Thomas Bach urged residents of Japan to support the games.

“I call on the Japanese people to welcome these athletes here for the competition of their lives,” said Bach. In an attempt to prove how safe the games are, he called the Tokyo Olympics “the most restrictive sporting event … in the whole world.”


His statement came after the Olympic Village reported its first case of coronavirus. “I would like to once again ask and invite the Japanese people, humbly, to welcome and support athletes from all over the world,” Bach urged the Japanese people.

As the nation worries about the first reported Covid case, Bach says only 15 people have tested positive for the deadly coronavirus, out of 15,000. He used this data to support his argument that the IOC follows strict anti-coronavirus measures and performs daily testing for athletes.

To make the locals a little happy and hopeful, Bach also brought up the idea of ​​inviting fans to the stadiums as spectators. “We will continue to monitor anti-COVID-19 developments. And if the circumstances change, then we will have another immediate five-party meeting to resolve this issue with the relevant anti-COVID-19 measures,” he said.

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