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The number of sports games offered by Beter has doubled

Alex Lobov, Product Manager at Beter, explained how the company has achieved such growth rates.

Growing growth

The number of sporting events reached 22,500 (January to June) in 2020. This figure for the same period of 2021 has doubled and totals 42,281 events. Despite the return of major sports tournaments, including the UEFA European Football Championship, in June 2021, Beter secured the most matches of any Setka Cup sports tournament: 7,500 matches (250 per day).

Alex Lobov, Product Manager at Beter, said: “Beter continues to increase the amount of sports content fast. And we do our best to make sure our customers get products available 24/7/365 that allow sports betting to fill free airtime and count on predictable margins. That’s why we offer a large number of events and broadcast up to 10 matches simultaneously. All of our players and matches have full stats.

We assume that big events can stimulate the interest of fans and punters in commercial sports tournaments. The Setka Cup is a good example. The platform has organized a significant number of events even during EURO-2020 and other major sporting events in June. “

The Setka Cup opened two new table tennis arenas in early 2021. The last one started operating in Prague (Czech Republic) in May and hosts up to 1,000 matches per month. This positive dynamic expands the tournament sports community, mainly in Ukraine, where we have 9 sports arenas in the 3 largest cities.

Athletes and organizations

The total number of athletes participating in the Setka Cup tournaments has increased by 20% since January 2021. There are currently 780 active players and 600 regularly participate in table tennis tournaments in Ukraine and the Czech Republic. Jindrich Pansky, double world championship silver medalist and Olympic Games competitor, competes in the Setka Cup tournaments in Prague.

The Ukrainian Table Tennis Federation has 1,868 active players (18-55 years old). One in three registered athletes participates in Seka Cup tournaments.

2021 has become an important year for the Setka Cup. The platform has launched tournaments in the EU. In addition, the Setka Cup recently entered into a strategic partnership with the Prague Table Tennis Association. This is official recognition at international level, and it proves the ambitions of the Setka Cup to develop table tennis in the EU. As part of the Memorandum with the Association, the Setka Cup plans to conduct sports training, develop table tennis and promote it in Prague and the Czech Republic.

New sport

Beter now offers table tennis, tennis and beach volleyball tournaments organized by the Setka Cup. Beach volleyball competitions were launched in June 2021. And today, the platform organizes 16 matches of this discipline every day.

Alex Lobov explained: “We are constantly working to improve and expand our product portfolio. We have a large team of over 50 operational specialists who are responsible for launching new sports as well as providing technical equipment and supporting fair play.

This year the 2 × 2 beach volleyball tournaments have successfully passed the trial period. During this process, we checked all key metrics, focused on the technical aspects, and tested our ability to maintain an efficient 24/7 calendar and filing systems. Beach volleyball proves its profitability and efficiency ”.

Gamblers and fans

Beter provides live streaming, live data and odds for the Setka Cup matches. The company, in doing so, creates complex betting products for sports betting in 150 countries. According to the latest data from one of the biggest sports betting companies, the number of punters who choose the Setka Cup tournaments increased by 33% in the first half of 2021. Such significant growth occurred in June during the staging of the UEFA European football and table tennis championships. .


Thanks to Beter, the streams of the Setka Cup tournaments are presented on no less than 100 sports bets, including bet365, William Hill.

According to the Setka Cup table tennis web platform, European countries currently hold the record for the number of Setka Cup fans. The UK, Czech Republic, Spain and Poland are among the TOP 10 countries where Setka Cup tournaments are the most popular among fans and punters.

Among Asian countries, the Philippines have the most Setka Cup fans; in North America – United States, in South America – Brazil, in Africa – South Africa.

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