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The first sold-out sporting event at Allegiant Stadium creates a festive gaming atmosphere, but transportation and logistics still need work at the Raiders’ Palatial Dome; 61,514 spectators for the United States’ 1-0 victory in the Gold Cup final against Mexico on Sunday



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Pre-game photos by J. Tyge O’Donnell

The Raiders’ Allegiant Stadium’s first review of the Mexico-US Gold Cup Final – a solid experience of the venue, a great atmosphere and great energy to hear 61,514 people, masks or not, screaming and clapping. But transport and long queues to enter the building and inside the building still require work. heard from fans at the Mexico-U.S. Concacaf Championship game praising the football atmosphere, but mentioned that the logistics such as transportation to local streets outside The domed stadium was still in need of help despite the increased police presence and stadium staff after so many complaints about transportation and parking were broadcast after the Garth Brooks concert on July 10. Garth’s event was the first full-capacity show in the stadium, while Sunday’s Gold Cup was the first sold-out sporting event.

Clark County required masks for all indoor public places, but many ignored mask protocol during this game. Fans said there was virtually no application of the mask rule.

The atmosphere was impressive when the United States national team beat Mexico. 1-0, in overtime for the Gold Cup championship. The tournament brings together teams from North America, Central America and the Caribbean and is played every two years. It was Miles Robinson’s header in the 117th minute that gave Team USA B a big win over Mexico’s top national team. There were plenty of scoring opportunities in the game for both teams, but only one goal was scored after almost 120 minutes of play.

The Raiders’ first game with the fans is scheduled for August 14 when the Seattle Seahawks travel for a pre-season game.


The job of making sure fans and everyone in Allegiant Stadium comply with Clark County’s mask mandate in today’s Concacaf Gold Cup game was everyone’s job on the site.

A security guard said bailiffs, security guards and stadium officials will politely remind fans of the indoor mask protocol that went into effect in Clark County on Friday. But fans told they haven’t seen much of the app.

The stadium posted messages on the site’s scoreboard to wear a face covering.

It was a little odd that the hosts of the stadium matches were advising people to wear masks, but not wearing face coverings themselves. During the match, the jumbotron screen was showing selfies on social media with most of the fans not wearing masks inside the stadium. Maybe they took off their masks for the selfies; who knows?


The $ 2 billion stadium project still needs to fine-tune the audio system. It was difficult to understand what the host of the pre-match stadium was saying as LVSportsBiz heard echoes from the press box. Other people inside the stadium told that they also couldn’t understand what the hosts were saying.

And here’s a first complaint from Simon Keith regarding what he said was three hours to go from stadium traffic to his club seat.

It happened at the stadium. It was coming home.

The Raiders added more water stations and fan misters, and tried to make carpool locations more convenient. Obviously this is a work in progress that will last until the Raiders’ home season in the fall.

It might be the best way to get to the stadium if you’re not two hours early.


Fans are now at the Allegiant Stadium, which was sold out for this game 90 minutes ago. Many Las Vegas Raiders season ticket holders have purchased Gold Cup tickets for the sole purpose of returning them to the secondary market for a profit of hundreds of dollars. One fan said he bought three box office tickets on Saturday at $ 380 per ticket.


The stadium is ready to change. One of the fans here is the MLS Commissioner, who loves Las Vegas and has been to Vegas before. Garber was not doing any media interviews.

Allegiant Stadium learned from the Garth Brooks concert on July 10 and there are many more police and parking attendants on the local streets surrounding the venue. It’s also cooler than the record-breaking 117-degree heat that caused problems at the Garth event three weeks ago.

Here is an overview of the pitch inside the stadium from the press box:

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