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Sports Games Every Sports Lover in Thailand Must Download

Video games in Thailand, especially sports games, have always been one of the most popular and beloved forms of entertainment, and it would be impossible for video games to gain such traction if the video game industry was not progressing constantly. The rapid growth of the industry has led to the development of games like unlimited gamezmo with better performance and mechanics and allowed gamers to play them on many devices.

People who play video games are divided into two types. There are die-hard gamers who play video games, gaming PCs, and consoles designed specifically for gaming. Then there are the casual gamers who occasionally play games on the devices they already own. Cell phones were the hallmark devices for casual gamers; However, recent times have brought a huge change to mobile games.

The world and Thailand stopped last year, and since no one could go out, people started to experience new indoor activities and video games were one of them. Not everyone owned dedicated gaming devices during the pandemic, which is why people started to turn to mobile games after getting bored with social apps.

After putting everything on hiatus, the most affected coronavirus was sports; people could neither play sports nor watch it. Lockdown led them to find their solution in other ways, and the most convenient way was to play with their favorite players or teams on their phones.

Since sports games have been so popular over the past year, we have brought you a list of ten sports games that you will love if you are a sports lover. Most of these games are free and offer multiplayer mode, so you can play with or against other people around the world.

NBA Live Mobile Basketball

A lot of people do one thing while playing games on mobile is compare the game with its PC or console version which is not fair due to limitation of mobile phones.

NBA Live is almost identical to its PC and console versions, and if you’re a basketball fan, you’re sure to love this realistic digital version of the sport you love to watch on your TV. NBA Live gameplay is extremely smooth and smooth, which makes it very realistic.

Electronic Arts is the company that developed NBA Lve, and the developers designed the game so that you can build your squad based on your favorite superstar. This way, you not only play as your superstar, but you also create the team of your dreams. However, the game also ensures that your unit stays balanced and that you don’t create something too powerful.

The game offers different modes such as MyCareer story mode, user-friendly 3v3 mode and PvP online multiplayer mode. The game is also constantly updated and lets you play real-world NBA events.

8 Ball Pool (Thailand Favorite)

This popular sports game was originally designed for desktop computers and requires you to sign in with your Miniclip or Facebook account in order to play on the internet. However, the growing number of players and the constant love and support prompted the developers to introduce 8 Ball Pool as a downloadable mobile game in Thailand and around the world.

Playing with strangers and friends is the best part of this game. The fast paced gameplay makes it extremely addicting and fun. The game is constantly updated with new features like different game modes and even pool tournaments.

To win, you must first pocket all the colored balls and the eight black ball, just like in a real game of billiards. The game is extremely rewarding because you earn coins after winning each match, and with these coins you can upgrade your equipment like your cue and table. The game also forces you to think like chess when making angles to pocket the balls.

Madden NFL 21

This is another EA Sports title and lets you experience American football. The graphics of Madden NFL are stunning, making the experience more real and exciting. Madden NFL gameplay lets you play as your favorite players and make management decisions. Just like the NBA, you can also build your roster and make it your best by improving your players.

Since the game is heavily simulation-based, it has relatively simple controls; The simulation factor allows you to make choices that make a difference in the game. The game is full of unique players and different leagues, and you can unlock them all as you progress through the game.

FIFA Soccer (# 1 in Thailand)

Since we’re talking about EA games, let’s talk about another well-known EA Sports title: FIFA Soccer. FIFA soccer was initially introduced on PC and consoles, and since its arrival it is the most famous game released by EA Sports. Like its predecessors, FIFA mobile is popular with football fans in Thailand; this condition is due to various reasons; However, one of them is the stunning graphics that the game has to deliver.

Since EA developed the game, it has been based on team building and simulation. One thing that makes gambling addicting for game lovers is the events mode. The many events the player can participate in are UCL, UEL, TOTY and TOTS. The game is also reward based as you get a new player and new upgrades in the form of packs when you win matches. In addition, the game also offers various modes such as career mode, events mode, training mode and various multiplayer modes.

The game is also updated annually to keep up with actual rosters; However, one thing that hasn’t improved much is the mechanics of the game.

eFootball PES 2021 (# 2 in Thailand)

FIFA by EA sports and Pro Evolution Soccer by Konami have been rivals in Thailand for a long time, and there’s no way to skip either when talking about soccer matches. If we focus on its mechanics and technicality, PES can be considered the best soccer game. Besides the graphics, the mobile version of PES leaves FIFA far behind.

Electronic Art’s FIFA is heavily based on team building and events; However, if you want a soccer game that focuses on gameplay and not just graphics, you should go with PES. The best thing about PES is that you can play with whoever you want; it could be your favorite team or your favorite player.

Since Pro Evolution Soccer is not a simulation-based game, it would be a bit difficult to get used to the controls; it would take longer to understand the rules and the different tactics to win each game. Like other mobile games, PES consists of offline modes and online multiplayer modes where you can play one-on-one against real players and their teams.

FIE sword game

Let’s move on to something more aggressive than football; This one is not known among many mobile gamers but remains one of the best mobile sports games. The game involves fencing, and if you want to try your hand at virtual fencing, then this is the one for you. The game has extremely simple controls and you will learn a lot about some real fencing techniques. Unlike other sports games, FIE Swordplay includes PvE campaigns as well as PvP gameplay.

The gameplay and graphics of FIE Swordplay are very smooth and beautiful; as the game is not popular among many people, the International Fencing Federation also supports it.

Professional cricket champion

The next game on our list is the famous cricket title of Unlimited Gamezmo; this game is for all the cricket fans out there. This competitive game is one of the best places you can play with easy to understand mechanics and game controls. The best feature about it is that the whole screen is assigned to graphics, and there is only one button on the net that you need to press to achieve goals.

All you have to do is press the onscreen button so you can swing your bat perfectly to win the game. You can either play against the computer and beat their target or give your friend a rating in Thailand or the world to beat.

Fishing life

Fishing is a neglected sport in Thailand, but games related to it, such as Fishing Life, don’t get as much attention as they deserve. Playing this game is not only fun, but will you have an experience like no other sports game? One of the best things about this game is that it will help you relax and meditate in a certain way. The game comes with breathtaking graphics; these graphics are different from other games because they are minimalist and artistic. It also comes with extremely soothing soundtracks that play in the background as you play.

The gameplay is simple because you have to catch as many fish as possible, the controls are easy to use and you can create your material with you can catch fish. You can see almost any fish in Fishing Life, including the bigger ones like sharks and whales.

EA Sports UFC

So far, you must have realized how good EA sports games are and how much they have influenced the Thai sports genre of mobile games. IF you like more violent sports games then this one is for you. This game allows you to go into the infamous Octagon and be your superstars such as Khabib and Connor McGregor; EA Sports UFC has everything you can do in a real octagon. You can hit, kick, block, and do all kinds of combos with these and keep doing these things until you’re the only person standing in the octagon.

Golf star (# 3 in Thailand)

Golf Star is the best golf game you can find on a mobile; it has one of the best career modes of any sports game you will play because you will learn how to be the best throughout your career mode. When you switch to career mode, you can make your golfer your choice and then train them to learn new skills. The game mechanics are so good that you will be hooked knowing how to aim your putts and how to read the greens.

Besides career mode, the game also features tournament mode, multiplayer mode and goodwill match mode, where you can play against real players in a one-on-one match in Thailand or around the world.

Final remark

These are a few of our favorite picks that we knew all sports fans would love; we hope you have fun with these games until we develop a new roster.

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