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Boxing World Championships Used AI To Detect Corrupt Officials


Andrew Cohen

An artificial intelligence system was used to analyze the voices of judges and referees during the men’s boxing world championship in Belgrade, Serbia, from October 25 to November 6. The International Boxing Association (AIBA) has deployed the system to detect possible dishonesty and prevent match corruption.

Prior to the tournament, all officials were asked to answer a series of questions such as: “Have you ever cheated at a boxing event? The AI ​​system analyzed their verbal responses and assigned each participant a low, medium, or high integrity risk. Two officials were removed from the event after being questioned by the system.

“It measures the cognitive functions of the brain in verbal responses,” said Richard McLaren, AIBA Integrity Advisor. Associated press. McLaren also explained that the voice analysis system is not the same as a lie detector test.

McLaren previously led The AIBA investigation at the Rio 2016 Olympics which concluded that some boxing referees accepted bribes. Retired American boxer Roy Jones Jr., who lost to a South Korean opponent at the Seoul Olympics in 1988, was there in Serbia and approved the judgment.

“To say the least, I was very happy with the judgment… I watched at least 300 fights and didn’t see any that I thought were corrupt,” Jones Jr. said. Reuters.

But Jones went on to tell The Associated Press, “It would have been very nice to have this [AI] technology at the time [in 1988]. ”

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