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Scottish brothers launch sports app to help football fans return to stadiums

Two Scottish brothers have launched a new sports app aimed at helping fans return to stadiums and find a new way to support their clubs.

Taking inspiration from some of the best NFL teams in the United States, Fanbase aims to digitize the fan experience across Scotland.

Edinburgh brothers Alasdair and Michael Crawley started the project in 2019 after they felt fans were not being recognized enough in football clubs from junior to premier level.

They were launched with a mission to give every sports team an affordable way to launch their own ticketing and fan engagement app to connect with their fan base and grow their revenue.

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This week they launched the new app, which became available for download yesterday, giving sports clubs of all sizes the instant ability to launch contactless stadiums and interact with fans like never before.

The platform provides sports clubs with their own mobile app experience where they can sell digital tickets, manage contactless stadiums and fields, share content, and manage memberships without the costs and complexities of building. an app or integrated ticketing system from scratch.

Hampden Park in Glasgow

Clubs in the United States and Europe are already using similar technology.

Fans also said a share of the proceeds will go to national grassroots sport funds and a Carbon Zero mission to remove paper and plastic from each sporting partner.

Alasdair Crawley said: “We ran into the challenges of developing a sports club and engaging the fans firsthand, so we spoke to other clubs across the country and quickly about junior football at the Premiership level.

“We realized that the challenges they faced were common to clubs at all levels: fans didn’t feel recognized and clubs were leaving income on the table, so we founded Fanbase at the end of 2019 and that’s it on what we focused on and invested in. .

“Our mission is to create the best sports fan experience in the world, to help all of our clubs grow, and we are adding new features and improvements every week.”

Linlithgow Rose was the first to sign up at the end of 2019 and since then the company has assembled over 30 partners from Elgin City of League Two to Brora Rangers in the Highland League and Carnoustie Panmure in the Scottish Junior Football East Region Super League .

Keiran Carty of Elgin City said: “We got to know the Crawley brothers in early 2020 just before the pandemic hit. Since then, we have started to migrate to digital platforms that make everything accessible to supporters with one click, from mobile ticketing to subscriptions and content.

“The idea going forward is to work with them on developing exciting platforms that will benefit all of our loyal supporters. The guys at Fanbase are fans like all of us and we look forward to working with them in 2021.”

Since its launch, Fanbase has grown steadily and was crowned winner of the Brand Identity category at the 2020 Scottish Design Awards.

It was also shortlisted for “Best Fan Engagement Technology” and Sustainability in Sport “at the Sports Technology Awards, with winners announced on May 6.

The new app is available for download on Apple devices and will be coming to Android very soon, while those who want to see it on the desktop can still do so at

Clubs wishing to partner with Fanbase can view more information and contact our team at

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