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Olympic quiz: what do you know about the biggest sporting event in the world?

The Olympics came to life this weekend as the sports party kicked off in Tokyo.

A year later than initially planned, the games got off to a good start with a sober but dazzling opening ceremony in the Japanese capital.

We’ve already been treated to a glut of superb athletic action, as a robot basketball player made its way through our hearts.

Just three days and we’ve already been reminded why we love the Olympics so much.

For over a century now, games have entertained, amazed and reminded the world of the authentic and raw beauty of sport.

They have traveled the world, surviving world wars, terrorist plots, and serving as a staging post for some of the most iconic and significant human rights protests in our planet’s history.

Now, they’ve even gotten over a global pandemic, and while it is excruciatingly scary to watch a game without fans present, it’s the lockdown distraction the world desperately needed.

Let’s face it, we all think of ourselves as some kind of athletic Archimedes whenever the Olympics go down, bring out our recycled random facts that we picked up on all the rogue sports in the games.

Well now is your chance to really hone these skills, fight for the gold, and prove that you are the ultimate Olympic champion.

Good luck!

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