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Need to create a good ecosystem for sports, games: Venkaiah Naidu | More sports news

NEW DELHI: Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Sunday stressed the need to create the “right ecosystem” for sports and games to thrive, from schools to universities, by building the necessary infrastructure at all levels.
India is fortunate, Naidu said, to have the largest youth population in the world apart from a large pool of talented and ambitious sportspeople.
Therefore, there is no reason why the country cannot stand out on the world stage in the field of sport, he said.
“We need to develop a serious sports culture from school days to ensure satisfactory results on a sustainable basis in this highly competitive field,” said the vice-president.
In a Facebook post on National Sports Day, Naidu said India is not lacking in talent in any area. What is needed is early identification of this talent and proper grooming and encouragement.
“In the absence of a favorable ecosystem, many of our stars tend to fade into oblivion without realizing their full potential. We end up losing many gems of the serene purer rays in the dark due to a lack of proper care and support, ”said the vice president. lamented.
This year’s National Sports Day is of particular significance in two respects: the highest ever medal count at the just concluded Tokyo Olympics and the renaming of the Khel Ratna Prize to the honor of legendary hockey player Major Dhyan Chand, he said.
“These two developments mark an important milestone in the journey of Indian sport. As our athletes made history with their performances at the Tokyo Olympics and gave wings to the hopes of over one billion Indians, the The name change of the highest sporting honor after Dhyan Chand is a fitting tribute to one of the greatest thrills in Indian sporting history, ”Naidu wrote.
India’s performance at the Tokyo Olympics rekindled huge interest in various sports, especially among young people, he said.
“This bodes well for the future of Indian sport. Needless to say, this is the right time for us to promote the sport across the country.
“We have to create the right ecosystem for sports and games to thrive from schools to universities by building the necessary infrastructure at all levels,” said.
The vice president also raised the issue of people’s mindset towards sports.
“I have come across many instances where parents discourage their children from seeking a career in sports. While parental anxiety is understandable to a large extent, it should be noted that more and more industries, as well. that governments provide jobs for athletes, ”he noted and called for more employment opportunities in the public sector and businesses for athletes.
“If we can indeed make sport a financially rewarding and secure career option, many young men and women would be encouraged to let go of their inhibitions and make sport a full-time activity,” he said.
The country’s sole objective in sport should not remain solely on increasing the number of medals, he said.
“Rather, we need to create a global ecosystem where sport becomes an intrinsic part of our daily life. It would be an important step towards creating a healthy and fit India. For such a sport culture to take root, we must also revive our Indian Sports tradition, ”wrote Naidu.
He said he was happy that the government, as part of its flagship program Khelo India, has created an exclusive component for the promotion of “rural, indigenous and tribal games”, including Kalaripayatu, Silambam, Kabaddi and archery. bow.

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