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List of T20 World Cup winners

Are you a cricket fan? You might have wondered lately: “Who won the first T20 World Cup?” Don’t worry, we’re here for you! So if you want to know which team has won each of the competitions so far, check out our list of T20 World Cup winners! It’s sure to keep all cricket fans happy!

The T20 World Cup is the flagship event of the International Cricket Council’s T20I programme. The tournament is played in a Twenty20 International format, with each team playing the other in a round-robin format. The top two teams from each group advance to the semi-finals, with the winners of these matches meeting in the final.

The full list of T20 World Cup winners is as follows:

  1. India (2007)

In 2007, the Indian cricket team and all the other teams participated in the first T20 World Cup, a form of cricket that had never been played before. This brand new format was something that appealed to many viewers and viewers, but it was somewhat worrisome to people who knew the history of the sport.

The last match of the 2007 T20 World Cup was played between India and Pakistan. Hitting first, India scored 157/5 runs in 20 overs. Gautam Gambhir had a brilliant 75 run to lead India to victory. In the end, India won the game beating Pakistan by 5 points and thus became the country that would win the inaugural T20 World Cup.

  1. Pakistani (2009)

After coming very close to winning the T20 World Cup in 2007, Pakistan again qualified for the final game of the T20 World Cup in 2009. Pakistan managed to claim a place in the final after eliminating the South Africa by 7 points in the semi-finals. – final game.

This time Pakistan played against Sri Lanka in the World Cup. In winning the coin toss, the Sri Lanka captain decided to strike first and in doing so scored 138 runs in just 20 overs with six wickets lost. Sangakkara made a vital contribution of 64 runs for his team in this game. Chasing the score, the Pakistan team won the World Cup with 8 balls to spare.

  1. England (2010)

The West Indies hosted the T20 World Cup in 2010. In the first semi-final of the T20 World Cup, England beat Sri Lanka by 7 wickets and in the second semi-final, Australia beat Sri Lanka. took revenge against Pakistan by beating them by 3 wickets.

Now, for the very first time in the history of the Cricket World Cups, England had a chance to win the tournament. Batting first, in the 2010 ICC Trophy (i.e. T20 World Cup), Australia managed to score 147 runs for the loss of 6 wickets in 20 overs. The final score was no match for England’s pace and energy as England beat fast and achieved that goal in 17 overs. With this victory, England became champions of the ICC Trophy.

  1. West India (2012)

The T20 World Cup has not been good for the West Indies cricket team, the most explosive team in the T20. But in the end, this team made a comeback and entered the final of the 2012 T20 World Cup. After beating Australia by 74 points in the second semi-final of the World Cup, it is qualified for the final against all. odds.

The West Indies team again stumbled against the Sri Lankans in the T20 World Cup final. But Marlon Samuels, managing his team for the West Indies, reached a respectable 137/6 in 20 overs. In pursuit of the score, the entire Sri Lankan team could not resist the dangerous rush of the West Indian bowlers. Sri Lanka made 101 races and the West Indies won their first T20 World Cup trophy! & meanwhile, fantasy sports are also becoming popular. This year the best cricket fantasy app has been introduced and people have also started playing on virtual pitches.

  1. Sri Lanka (2014)

For the first time, Sri Lanka won an international T20 cricket tournament. Sri Lanka played West Indies in the 2014 ICC World Cup Final and beat them by 27 points to emerge victorious. This is a huge win for cricket fans all over Sri Lanka.

In 2014, Sri Lanka faced India in the ICC T20 World Cup Final. As opponents, India hit a score of 130 points ahead of Sri Lanka when they struck first. After watching this compelling display, Sri Lanka knew they had to go above and beyond if they were to win. They managed to do so by batting 132 runs with 6 wickets remaining in the game, putting them well ahead of India, winning the league game by 6 wickets with 13 balls remaining and becoming the T20 World Cup Champions !

  1. West Indies (2016)

West Indies are the only team on the T20 World Cup winners list to have won the most ICC T20 World Cup trophies.

In the match between England and West Indies, England struck first but could only score 155/9. However, their bowling looked good and determined against Carlos Brathwaite’s mighty bat. In response, West Indies needed 19 runs to win in the final inning, but Carlos Brathwaite hit 4 sixes in the final against Ben Stokes. With this, the West Indies created history by winning this event for the second time, as they had already won in 2012.

  1. Australia (2021)

The Australian team won the T20 World Cup in 2021. After beating New Zealand in the final, they showed great performance and won the title.

Hitting first, New Zealand gave Australia a target of 173 runs to get 20 overs. The Australian side managed to reach that score in 18.5 overs, securing their place as the ultimate winners in T20 World Cup history.

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