Sports event

Khorkuto Update, Dec 23: Gungun Excited About Sporting Event

In the latest episode of Khorkuto, Gungun is excited about the sporting event. She asks Soujanya if he will have to come to the office.

Soujanya explains that he will not be able to continue his work at the institution if Tinni continues to work there. He will discuss it with the authorities. Tinni made serious allegations against Soujanya and dragged him to court. He plans to go out of town if his institution doesn’t agree to the condition.

Gungun is not ready to leave his family members here. She is also not ready to let Soujanya go. He does his best to handle the situation and explains how people sometimes have to make difficult choices for a job.

Later, they discuss Christmas. Soujanya talks about a special surprise for her although he is not ready to reveal it. She also promises to give him a Christmas present but when Soujanya asks for it, she doesn’t reveal anything.

Gungun talks excitedly about the planned sporting event. All the ladies of the Mukherjee house, as well as the neighbors, will participate in the event. She asks Soujanya for money for the event but he is not ready to spend that much.

The next day, the sporting event begins. All family members and neighbors gather in the ground. Noninbala, Chandana are excited about the events.