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Google Year In Search 2021: Euro Cup third most sought after sporting event in India

The European Championships have been one of the most anticipated tournaments of the year and the third most sought after sporting event in India in 2021. According to the most sought after sporting events just published for “Google Year in Search 2021 India ”, Euro 2020 was third on the list of the country’s most explored competitions, with only the Indian Premier League 2021 and the ICC T20 World Cup 2021 top-ranked. Google Year in Search 2021: IPL tops trending Google search queries in “global” category, followed by CoWin, “What is black fungus,” from the Tokyo Olympics among other top research in India.

UEFA Euro 2020 was the 60th edition of the prestigious European Championships and to commemorate it, the governing body decided to host the competition in 11 cities in 11 UEFA countries as a unique event. The Euro was the third most searched sporting event in 2021, with only the IPL 2021 and the T20 WC 2021 being searched more often. In the meantime, here are the 10 most searched Google Year in Search 2021 sporting events – India. Google Year in Search 2021: Enoki Mushroom, Porn Star Martini, Modak and more in the list of 10 best trending recipes in India.

Most searched sporting events in Google Year in Search 2021 India

UEFA Euro 2020 was played from June 11, 2021 to July 11, 2021, after the competition was postponed for a year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the postponement, the tournament retained its original name and host venues, but special rules regarding COVID-19 were implemented with the clearance of more substitutes and the implementation of VAR (Video Assistant Referee).

The 2020 European Championships have been one of the most exciting editions of the tournament in recent years, as they have recorded the most goals per game in a UEFA Euro event since the introduction of the football phase. groups. In the end, Italy won the centerpiece, beating first-time runner-up England in the penalty shoot-out final.

The list released by Google Trends on December 8, 2021 (Wednesday) also includes top search term near me, top movies, topicals, personalities, and recipes, among others. The list is published annually in December and shows trends at the end of the year.

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