Sports event

Forget the Olympics, host your own sporting event to rival 2012

But a sunny afternoon wouldn’t be complete without plenty of games to amuse you and your friends. Here we discover the best of what is on offer.

Swingball Pro, £39.99

This should bring back childhood memories. But it’s not the same game that was popular in the 80s and 90s; it’s harder – now at 1.75m it’s taller, meaning you have to hit higher or jump. With two players taking turns to smash the ball, one clockwise, the other counter-clockwise, the goal is to reach the top or bottom of the spiral with the lunge first. Easy.

Ass Head, £10

Grab a group of friends and team up to buy some of these silly games. Each box contains two hats and three balls. The competition (as TNT sees it) would be that whoever is unlucky enough to end up with the most balls stuck in their head suffers a forfeit. We’ll let you decide what it will be.

Kubb, £24.99

Try this traditional Swedish lawn game, where the goal is to knock down heavy blocks while throwing wooden sticks at them. Getting married with a few drinks on a summer day, and what could go wrong?

Curvy Set, £19.95

Enjoy this old-school game, which comes with four wooden stumps, a bat and a tennis ball in an attractive cotton bag. You will need two teams – one balls while the other bats – with a minimum of six on each. Aim to score the most “rounders” by running around the stumps. Bring drinks because it’s full.

Micro scooter, £52+

Who said scooters were for kids? The Micro Sprite is designed in Switzerland and features a lightweight frame, sturdy PU wheels
and an easy folding mechanism. Getting around has never been so fun.

Jeronimo! Giant Tower, £40

Test your skills with this giant version of jeronimo, made up of 60 wooden blocks. Complete the tower, then the idea is to take it in turns to remove the blocks one by one without knocking it over. Just when you think you’re okay, your world might come crashing down.

Chess set, £30+

Take on your opponent with this giant chess set – the mat is PVC and the pieces are plastic, so it doesn’t matter if they get wet. The object of the game (in short) is to get the other player’s king in ‘checkmate’, which means you have won. However, it’s a bit longer than that, so not suitable for anyone with a short attention span, really.

Space Hopper, £20

Expect hours of bouncing fun on one of these retro hoppers. Choose from a range of colors, then race your friends while trying to eat a jam donut. Just an idea.

Bananagrams, £44.95

Looking for something a little more taxing than hitting a ball? Well, it’s a game more for your mind than your physique. An oversized version of Bananagrams is released just in time for summer. Packaged in a funky banana-shaped bag, the game is a race against your opponent to build giant crossword puzzles and use all the tiles.

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