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Elector Utsav: Delhi’s month-long voter registration review exercise ends

Thematic posters were put up on city buses, special camps were organized and the social media campaign intensified to disseminate awareness messages for voter registration during the special summary review of the city. a month of Delhi’s electoral roll which ended on Tuesday.

Officials from the CEO’s office in Delhi said the exercise, held as a “festival for the electorate”, was “very successful.”

During Special Summary Review-2022 (SSR-2022), which began on November 1, anyone who would be 18 or older on or before January 1, 2022 was eligible to register as a voter. The final roll will be released on January 5.

Exercise SSR-2022 ended today. From now on, all forms submitted in the last month for voter registration, adding and modifying details, deleting deceased voters, will be processed until the final file is released in January. The exercise has been very successful, ” a senior official told PTI.

Delhi’s Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) office had made preparations to ensure that the process ran smoothly and that no voter was left behind.

We plan to do this exercise in the spirit of a festival. So the one-month period is called ‘Voters Utsav’, ”Delhi Chief Electoral Officer Ranbir Singh said on November 1, while announcing the start of SSR-2022.

Special posters were put up on city buses and digital posters were placed on her Facebook and Twitter accounts to raise awareness about the exercise. The posters carry the slogan ‘Dilli ka Voter Utsav’ and a slogan ‘Chalo Voter Bane Hum’.

According to the draft list published on November 1, 2021, the total number of voters stands at 1,47 95,949, according to data previously shared by the office of the Director General.

There is a decrease in the number of male and female voters on the voters list compared to that released on January 15, according to data shared by the Delhi CEO.

The number of male, female and third sex voters is – 80 88 031; 67 06 570; and 948 respectively, according to the draft role released on November 1.

The numbers for the January 15 roll were -81,58,180; 67,38,976 and 913 respectively.

Delhi’s latest voters list was released in January 2021, according to which the total number of eligible voters in the city was then over 1.48 crore.

The special summary revision (SSR) of the voters’ lists against January 1, 2022 as the qualification date, was carried out in the 70 constituencies of the Delhi Assembly.

The CEO’s Office has conducted a number of outreach programs over the month-long fiscal year and ahead of the Special Summary Review.

Special camps were organized on November 27 and 28 in all polling stations in the city to facilitate the enrollment of voters, as part of SSR-2022.

A special booth has been opened at the Delhi pavilion of the recently completed India International Trade Fair (IITF) here to facilitate voters, especially young people.

Delhi CEO Singh on November 17 called on all District Election Officials (DEO) to speed up the process of registering young voters in the 18-19 and 20-29 age groups. years to solve the problem of their “under-representation in the rolling elections,” officials had said.

Ahead of the exercise, Singh called on all newly eligible voters and all excluded voters to immediately download the voter app and register on the voters list during this RSS.

“Young people today are tech savvy and spend a lot of time on social media. So we need to interact with them, where they spend the most time and motivate them to become proud voters of our great democracy, ” he said. PTI KND CK

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