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Edmontonians could place bets on sports games in 2022

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Edmontonians may soon be able to place bets at an Oilers or Elks game, casino or racing entertainment center.

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Steve Lautischer, acting vice president of gaming and cannabis at Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC), said sports betting could be implemented at NHL and CFL sites in Alberta, and at a total of 28 other sites across the province in 2022.

“Just imagine the excitement of the Labor Day Classic, or a Saturday night battle in Alberta and walking to a licensed sports betting area to bet on who has the next touchdown or the next goal,” said Lautischer at a Friday afternoon press conference.

Lautischer said they are looking for two vendors who can establish the betting engine that can be deployed at the retail level and extended through a mobile extension.

“Really, these are supporters who will be able to handle the betting themselves and help manage the environment in the retail space on the mobile app,” said Lautischer who added that users of the app mobile will likely need to register in person before they can. become fully mobile.

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Kandice Machado, President and CEO of AGLC, said allowing private sector operators to enter Alberta’s gambling market ensures more money will flow back to the province rather than gray markets. .

AGLC is only awarding contracts to two vendors to help establish a competitive landscape in the province and will expedite the process of providing the service to Alberta sports fans, Machado said.

Machado added that working with two vendors will make it easier to resolve any issues that arise.

“The actions we are taking give us the opportunity to resolve potential issues with two vendors and monitor challenges other jurisdictions are currently facing before considering next steps,” she said.

Throughout the bid opening process, AGLC has been in continuous communication with representatives of the casino industry and the Alberta Sports Coalition, which represents the Oilers, Elks, Calgary Flames and Stampeders.

“Successful sellers will demonstrate that they can provide the AGLC gaming scene with responsible gaming tools and resources and promote healthy gaming behavior with their player base,” said Machado.

Interested sellers can apply until the end of January until Purchase link in Alberta .

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