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Com2uS ‘NBA NOW 22’ Ranked # 1 in App Store Sports Games in 40 Countries

The new sports game “NBA NOW 22” from Com2uS, a Korean mobile game company, has garnered a lot of attention from users around the world, taking the No. 1 spot on the Korean and international charts after its global release.

After its launch, NBA NOW 22, which began its global service on October 20, reached number one in the popularity rankings of sports games in app stores in 40 major countries in the East and West. , including Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

In Korea, it ranked 3rd in the sports games popularity chart on the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store, and in Taiwan, it ranked first in the popularity chart. sports games on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store at the same time. time.

In particular, on October 22, it ranked number one in the overall popularity of Apple’s App Store mobile games in five countries, including Japan, and managed to garner attention and expectations. global players beyond sports games.

NBA NOW 22 is an officially licensed NBA basketball game.

The simple vertical control method lets you enjoy the game with just one hand, and the intuitive and easy operation allows everyone to experience dynamic gaming.

The game provides a variety of content unique to sports games, such as a variety of battle modes where players from all over the world face off against users, an arcade mode consisting of mini-games, and tactical maps that maximize player abilities.

Based on real NBA game data, the game features realistic details such as the logos of a total of 30 teams in the East and West and the dynamic movements of sponsors and players.

An official from Com2uS said, “Based on the official license of the NBA, the world’s popular sports league, we will boost the global market by providing the fun of real life-like basketball games. “

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