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Best sports games for Android in May 2022

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Sports games often get bad press, thanks to the insulting monetization used by companies like Electronic Arts and 2K. Today’s collection forgoes the obvious benefits of mobile money to offer something a little different. We’ve picked out the best Android games that are literally worth playing, with a hand-picked list of sports titles that offer a fair price and gameplay designed for fun. Sports games struggled to keep up with the other categories in terms of class.

These days you’ll be looking for games with a bit of polish, but the bigger, deeper titles are usually free. It’s disappointing. We have tried to include as many one-time payment games as possible. You can see why video game pioneers turned to sports as their theme. Each sport comes with its own set of clearly defined and well understood rules. After a few golden years of fantastic arrivals, it seems most mobile sports games have succumbed to the freemium variant. So today we present to you the best sports games for Android.

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great mountain adventure

Grand Mountain Adventure is a surprisingly engaging skiing game. Players ski in an open world with great graphics, simple controls, and plenty to do. You dodge various obstacles and try to avoid disappearing. The game includes five mountains to explore, various challenges, and even an online leaderboard for speed runs and flawless races.

It can also be played offline, has its own Discord server, and does not include free game mechanics. It’s just a beautiful game with good skiing. Those who love winter sports should definitely check this one out. Plus, it’s free if you use Google Play Pass.

retro bowl

If you prefer something a little more old school or are just looking to relive your days playing the Tecmo Bowl, you should definitely check out the Retro Bowl. This game features similar 8-bit graphics, but what sets it apart is the strategic gameplay and team management, which offers more depth than its inspiration.

The game is free to play, with an in-game credit system. It will upgrade certain features, like your stadium or practice facilities, and in-app purchases are included, unlocking $0.99 for unlimited games. Plus, there are optional credit packages for those looking to progress quickly. However, since this is a single-player game, what players spend won’t affect anyone else.


First of all, Bowling Crew is a great 3D bowling game. Second, it’s PvP-based. Third, it involves a lot of progression to keep you interested as you go. You can unlock new bowling balls (via gameplay and microtransactions) so you have something nice to look at while you play. It’s great fun, easy to play, and there’s a lot of replayability.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a mobile game without the usual microtransaction tricks. Your stamina meter is based on the tokens you earn (which you can buy, of course). Gold is how you buy cases, which give you unlockables like new bullet cards, tokens, and more. There are also a bunch of boosters and unlocks you can buy.

The bedroom: old sins

The four titles of The Room are among the most attractive mobile titles. With intriguing puzzles and a realistic approach to graphics, no other series delights in so much intricate clockwork or presents materials in such realistic tactile fashion.

It’s clearly one of the finest Android games you can play today (and any day), and you should definitely check it out if you’re a bit into mystery. Be sure to read The Room: Old Sins review if you want to know more about it!

mobile fifa

FIFA Mobile is the official version of the application of the famous EA franchise. It aims to provide the most realistic football experience you can play on mobile devices. There are no flashy powers or tricks with this game. Unlike games like SEGA’s Football Manager, you play the actual matches, so you’ll control the characters as you play.

You do more in FIFA Mobile than just play matches. He is also in charge of certain administrative matters. You can customize your squad by choosing the players and formations you want them in. The game is fun in general, but you will have to go through a long tutorial.

royal cricket 18

Although you don’t feel any difficulty in finding a cricket game on the play store, you really need to find a good one. Next is Real Cricket 18, the only cricket game that beat all others to become the best sports game for Android. The best thing about this game is how it mimics real life situations.

Each match begins with an aerial view of the city as the camera literally flies around the stadium. Everything from the launch to the action replays feel a lot more like TV shows, and there’s even a pre- and in-game show where so-called experts give their thoughts on the game.

MLB 9 innings

Anyone with the slightest interest in baseball needs MLB 9 innings 22 in their life. It’s the official game of Major League Baseball (MLB) and the only baseball game officially licensed by MLB and MLB Players Inc. That means you can expect to find your favorite MLB star from over 3,000 players online. 3D; they all look amazing, by the way.

Enjoy single player mode, head to the park with your friends, or compete in online multiplayer ranked matches. The choice is yours. The developers have spent a lot of time making it possible to control all aspects of the game with one hand, making it perfect for playing on your Android phone on the go.

nba jam

NBA Jam is an arcade sports game where you can play with your favorite NBA stars. The game comes with a variety of modes in which you can opt for the classic campaign or if you can, you can play online against the other player.

It also supports local multiplayer so you can play with your friend through local WiFi or Bluetooth. NBA Jam is the port of the 1990s arcade game, so don’t expect ultra HD graphics, but they are good enough. You can get this game for $4.99.

accept golf

OK Golf is one of the newer sports games. It’s an ode to the arcade golf games of the past. Slide back and release to shoot the ball. Operate from a simple perspective. There are no clubs to choose from or things to play with. The game is just a nice relaxing game of golf.

It comes with courses, decent graphics, and secret stuff to find on your own. The game reminds us of those old arcade golf games you used to find in restaurants and bars. This is a one-time paid game with no additional ads or in-app purchases. It’s an accessible title that adapts well to mobile. If you like golf games a lot then you must play it for sure.

basketball head

Head Basketball is one of the less conventional games on this list. It’s part sport, part beat ’em up, it’s all crazy. Your character has only one head, two feet and two hands. You face another player on a 2D basketball court. In each game, you run back and forth to bounce the basketball into the opponent’s hoop.

This game is not looking for authenticity at all because you can actually punch other players. You throw punches to disorient your opponents and stun them; not to mention that there is actually blood. There are also special abilities that give you hints with cool effects.

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