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As StepN becomes popular around the world, another sporting event parkour is popular

Parkour World will launch a smart chain of avalanche (avax), which is the first game of fi + social fi elements on AVAX. The game contains two resources that players can get PKT and PKV. Once players are equipped with NFT sports, they can move outdoors to get resources by walking, jogging, and running. Both of these resources are assets that can provide benefits to players, and players can exchange these resources for corresponding tokens.

As StepN becomes popular around the world, the recommended project Parkour in AVAX (avalanche chain) has attracted great attention in the industry. Starting from users’ requirement, Parkour supports AVAX technical team to develop and land quickly with innovative models and playing methods independently. More importantly, the team has not fully unlocked the project’s potential yet. The future development trend deserves special attention and is bound to become a flagship project in the AVAX (avalanche) chain.

Parkour is an open-world meta-universe incorporating social gaming with NFT entities and cryptocurrency brands. Users can earn while playing by completing tasks, participating in the race, socializing with players, buying NFT and partnering with real-world brands in the game, which could help achieve the right goal Web3 0 – reduce carbon emissions and achieve carbon neutrality

Why parkour is bound to break out of the circle

1 Parkour project team

The Parkour project team comes in advance.

At the same time, the project team is also a member of the defi alliance game alliance.

Parkour is the flagship project of the public avalanche channel.

Parkour players can cross the 0 threshold and receive NFT sneakers for free to earn high returns. Building on the mature gamefi ecology of the avalanche chain, parkour is set to become an avax Star project. As it is currently the king of gamefi’s public channel. It has a large number of users and a perfect challenge infrastructure, which guarantees the number of users and the circulation of Parkour tokens. As the first gamefi eco-landing game on avax, it gives Parkour an important role in this track, which is expected to meet market demand and further expand its scalability.

2Is the gaming revenue and spending model sustainable

Consumer Users vs Investment Users

The traditional revenue and expense model for gambling is essentially the same as for insurance. Likewise, if a game has more users earning money than those spending it, then it is a “left-footed over right-footed” game after all, and the money users earn must be the money lost by latecomers. This is why Parkour has always insisted that gamefi focuses on game rather than fi. If a game can incentivize users to spend money on skins and accessories without seeking financial return, the game must be sustainable.

Parkour follows the double token model of axie, which can effectively avoid the impact of the rise and fall of governance tokens on the game. From the perspective of game durability, the pkt game token is more important than the governance token pkv. If we compare pkt to an insurance product, upgrading, repairing and molding shoes is equivalent to charging premiums, and the common reward is paying claims. The balance between pkt supply and demand determines whether the game can operate sustainably.

3Strong demand from the healthcare market

Data shows that there are more than 400 million running users worldwide, and more than one billion people go for a walk, jog or run as a means of training. Therefore, it has huge market potential, and COVID-19 has also made more and more people aware of the importance of physical and mental health. Especially in European and American countries, sport is as natural as eating and sleeping. It seems that they have completely integrated into their lives without any reluctance; And sports also continue to bring them various life experiences and surprises, expand life span and improve life toughness. Movement is life, life is movement. Behind this simple slogan hides their sincere love and the boundless pursuit of each other’s lives. In 2022, the online fitness industry reached an annual growth rate of 35%. If it can develop in this field, it means Parkour games can attract tens of millions of people to enter the web 3 field.

4Parkou’s powerful innovation model

Have you found that your friends in your zone are skipping exercise, fitness, and steps every day? Apart from a few people who are really passionate about sport, most are only so out of spiritual interest such as “having a beautiful figure to restore your image” or “showing the number of kilometers traveled on social networks to show your richness of life”. According to Maslow’s needs, these are spiritual needs! These are essentially social attributes.

In particular, the parkou club model is a unique innovation in the chain game industry. Pkv, as a community governance token, is mainly produced by the club, which shows that it has a strong driving force for game participants to build the club.

So, if there is such a gamefi that allows you to maintain your social image and have your own jogging club, and you can get economic benefits from it, will you flock to it? The answer is yes, which is why Parkour can break the circle.


Of course, parkour has many factors to break the loop, such as the invisible strong technical support, the perfect business model, the anti-cheat system that leaves no chance, the resource network behind the team and the Web3 spirit .


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