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Army and Voluntary Medicare Society host para-athletics sporting event at J & K’s Baramulla


Friday the Indian army and the Voluntary Medicare Society (VMS) organized sports activities for para-athletes in Lachipora Boniyar in Jammu and Kashmir Baramulla. “Wheelchair basketball and sitting volleyball competitions were held as part of this initiative, titled” Promoting the Health, Rights and Social Inclusion of Para-athletes. ” athletes.

Battalion Commander Lachipora praised the players’ sheer willpower and passion, saying their physical restrictions were not a barrier to their ambition to excel in the sport. He noted, “Don’t count what’s lost, instead use what’s left as much as possible. We appreciate their efforts and I’m sure they will motivate others to come out of trouble and become champions.”

Indian army organizes sporting events for para-athletes in J&K

“What these para-athletes have done today is the result of their hard work and determination. I hope they inspire more people, help people with similar issues come out of their isolation and their lives. depression. I thank VMS and other members of civil society, organization, media. This will help promote the sport and provide psychological support to those who are going through situations similar to those of these para-athletes, “he said. he adds.

The participants were delighted with the event and congratulated the army and the VMS for their initiative. Insha, one participant said “We are grateful to the military for such events, and we need more of them. It’s amazing to be back here after such a long time away from COVID. Such competitions should be organized in order to inspire the para- I hope that Kashmir will flourish and develop in the sport in the years to come. “

“I am extremely grateful to everyone who organized this event. The government and private entities should provide us with more facilities like this in every district so that we can also practice and make our nation and Kashmir proud,” said another participant, Farooq.

Another participant, Shabir, welcomed the initiative and encouraged people with disabilities to participate in order to stay physically active. Harvinder Singh, Uri’s sub-divisional magistrate, was also amazed by the performance of the para-athletes. “Today I saw these players with different abilities play and I realized what ability really is. Of course, it takes a long time to recover from a backhand, but if you want to, we can recover from every setback and perform well, ”he said.

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