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All the best HDTVs for watching sports games

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Here are some of the best TVs on sale for quality sports viewing. Credit: Getty Images

While we’re all stuck with pretty much nothing else to do but watch TV, it might be time to upgrade your TV.

If you’re after the right one, the screen, clarity, color balance, and processor speed can all mean the difference between feeling like you’re closer to the action or in the right seats. walked in the back.

What do I need to choose a TV for watching sports?

Don’t worry if the TV has an LED or OLED screen – these don’t make much of a difference to the picture quality. What really matters is the screen resolution.

Choose between high definition (HD) and 4K (also called ultra high definition or UHD). 4K TVs have four times the resolution of an HD screen. Sport looks good on both, but a lot of people say it’s only worth investing in a 4K TV if you buy a 55-inch or larger screen, because below that size it can be. difficult to tell the difference between 4K and HD.


More pixels is not always better

Buying the highest resolution possible doesn’t always guarantee a better picture. In fact, it can sometimes prevent the television from providing a very good picture. When watching a TV in the store, check for color accuracy, smooth transitions between colors, and blacks that don’t lose detail.

Here are some of the best TVs for maximizing sports viewing:

LG’s C1 range comes in multiple sizes, from 48 “to 83”, and starts at $ 2395 for the smallest size. Tech critics say these are some of the best sports TVs on the market. They have an OLED motion feature that reduces blurring on fast movements, and a sports alert feature that gives notification of NBA, Premier League, and NFL highlights. Choice recommends the 65 “screen as one of the best models on the market.

LG's C1 range
LG’s C1 range is highly recommended for watching sports. Credit: Bing Lee

The Samsung QLED 8K QN800 is highly regarded among technical critics. It is an LCD display and is ideal for bright rooms. It is very thin, has anti-glare technology and a movement rate of 200 which can show smooth and clear movements during fast sports. It starts at $ 4295 for the 65 ”screen.

Samsung QLED 8K QN800

Choice rates the 40 ” Akai AK4020NF as one of the best small TVs for watching sports. At just $ 345, “he’s hitting above his weight compared to others in his size division,” according to Choice testers. Its impressive picture quality supports Full HD resolution, so that it displays crisp details and vivid colors. It has two 8W speakers for dynamic sound.

Akai AK4020NF
At only $ 345 Akai AK4020NF is a great option. Credit: Harvey Norman

Samsung 55-inch The Frame 2021 Smart TV, $ 2,049, is a 4K option that looks great too. It has an active voice amplifier which helps to make the comments clearer and a great picture. Because you can download it with artwork when it’s in standby mode, you can go for a larger model than you normally would because it won’t dominate the room when you’re not looking at it.

Samsung 55 '' The Frame 2021 Smart TV

Aldi has also released its new Funtertainment Special Buys line and it includes a number of epic offerings like a party speaker for $ 249 (for the distant future where you can entertain yourself again), a portable projector for $ 99. and an 82-inch 4K Ultra HD smart TV. for only $ 1,299.

Aldi 82

This Saturday, Aldi is selling an 82-inch 4K Ultra HD smart TV for just $ 1,299. Photo: Aldi

Aldi has released its new Funtertainment Special Buys line and it includes a number of epic offerings like a party speaker for $ 249 (for the distant future when you can entertain yourself again), a portable projector for $ 99 and an 82 “4K Ultra HD Smart TV for just $ 1299.

“Enhance your entertainment experience with the Bauhn 82” 4K Ultra HD TV powered by WebOS, “ Aldi’s website reads. Speak and control your TV with the voice assistant on the Magic Remote, and instantly access your favorite streaming apps like Netflix and Prime Video, with the dedicated quick launch buttons.

“Easily control and manage your connected TV devices including soundbars and storage devices through the ThinQAI powered home dashboard.”

You can also buy a 40 “smart TV for $ 329 if you don’t like such a big screen!

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