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5 best sports games to play on Game Pass in March 2022

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service is a must-have for all Xbox and PC gamers, as it offers a plethora of great games at a very reasonable price. This subscription service offers various games ranging from recent AAA titles like Halo Infinite to exhilarating sports games like the Madden series.

Microsoft is also bringing newly launched exclusive Xbox titles to Xbox Game Pass users from day one of release. Xbox has also worked with EA to provide all EA Play content to players opting for the Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

FIFA and NFL make it to the list of best sports games

Whether it’s scoring a few goals in FIFA or hitting a home run in MLB, sports games are a great way to rejuvenate the spirit after a hard day’s work. The sports genre enjoys a huge fanbase in the gaming community.

The introduction of EA Play in the Xbox Game Pass makes it the best sports game library. It offers a range of excellent sports titles that are suitable for all players, from beginners to professionals.

1) Madden NFL 22

EA released its popular American football video game, Madden NFL 22, in August 2021. Based on the National Football League (NFL), it features all of America’s professional players in the sport, featuring Chiefs legends Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes of Kansas City. in the cover image.

Players enjoy many new improvements in Madden NFL 22, with home field advantage being the most notable. A new momentum meter shows team morale, which increases after making big plays or scoring goals.

Players will now be able to hire or fire offensive and defensive coaches at will to create a team of their choice. The game also introduces half-time adjustments that can have a noticeable impact on their strategy and change the dynamics of the match.

2) FIFA 21

FIFA is arguably the most successful franchise in EA Sports history. Featuring the hottest footballers in the world, this series has a huge fan base, including the athletes themselves. Although FIFA 21 was released in 2020, it is still one of the best football simulators out there.

FIFA 21 offers the perfect game pace and matches are much smoother than their predecessors. The new collision system offers much more realistic sliding tackles and standing challenges, which helps users make defensive decisions with more precision.

They can enjoy five different modes in FIFA 21, including FUT, Career Mode, Pro Clubs, Online Seasons, and a new Volta Mode. Smooth animation and smooth gameplay make it an ideal choice for FIFA players in Xbox Game Pass.

3) MLB The Show 21

Sony and San Diego Studio’s flagship baseball video game, MLB The Show 21, was released in April 2021. Based on Major League Baseball (MLB), it features all officially licensed MLB players, featuring Fernando Tatis Jr ., 23 years. of the San Diego Padres featured in the cover image.

MLB The Show 21 features a new, flexible stadium builder where players can create their own stadium in detail, including wall locations, seating arrangements, and building cities in the background.

The Road to the Show features a new “two-way” feature that allows users to train their characters to be hitters or pitchers. MLB The Show is arguably the best baseball simulation game and is a must have for all baseball fans.

This is the first time that MLB The Show has been featured on Xbox Game Pass.

4) UFC 4

EA’s flagship mixed martial arts fighting video game, UFC 4, is the sequel to 2018’s popular UFC 3. Based on the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), it features 229 individual athletes from which players can choose .

UFC 4 features a much improved career mode which provides an engaging experience with all the basics of MMA covered in detail. A new grappling hook system and a redesigned strike system significantly improve gameplay and provide a much more immersive experience when fighting.

UFC 4 also introduced a new Blitz mode which changes the rules of the game every few hours, and players can use it in online mode.

5) NHL 21

NHL 21 is the 30th installment of EA’s popular ice hockey simulation game, developed solely by EA Vancouver. Based on the National Hockey League (NHL), its biggest addition is the enhanced and expanded Be a Pro career mode, which offers a detailed cinematic-style campaign that any ice hockey fan will enjoy.

Users will be able to create custom players and start their career in either the Hockey Champions League or the Canadian Hockey League. The game features a variety of game modes, including a three-way free-for-all mode, an arcade-style 3v3 mode, and 6v6 modes.

NHL 21 has phenomenal gameplay and skill moves making it a more realistic experience.

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