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10 best sports games for PC in 2021


Nowadays, the line between computer games and real games is increasingly blurred. As games become more realistic and onscreen skills get closer and closer to the skills needed on the pitch or on the pitch, sports games become a sport in its own right. Fortnite World Cup filled the Arthur Ashe Stadium in Flushing Meadows with as many fans as the US Open tennis tournament. In basketball, many major teams have their own playing teams competing in the virtual version of the game, NBA2K League.

At the same time, for many people, live sports are more like a computer game because they analyze the action and predict the results using a sports betting app, making every goal, run or point feel like they’ve scored it themselves.

So what are the best sports games to play, and where should you spend your training hours if you want to be successful? Here are our top ten sports games available today:


The latest incarnation, NBA2K21 offers a host of new enhancements making gameplay even smoother and more responsive. This realistic basketball game not only closely mimics the action on the court, but also follows the careers and lives of players outside of the game.

Madden NFL

The most popular of all American football games with 130 million copies sold since its rookie year in 1990. The game lets you play all 32 NFL teams, as well as build your own “dream team” of superstars past and present.


Updated annually, FIFA is the best-selling sports video game of all time, with over 250 million copies sold. With ties to nearly every big club on the planet (with the notable exception of Roma and Juventus), FIFA21 is perhaps the best release yet, almost indistinguishable from the soccer action in direct.

Gran Turismo

The ultimate driving game, Gran Turisimo features amazing races with authentic cars backed by great manufacturers, competing against each other on rally tracks and circuits across the world. The biggest seller of PlayStation, it has recorded 80 million sales since its launch in 1997.

PGA Tour

The greatest golf game of all, the PGA Tour has been silent for a few years but kicks off with a new release, PGA Tour 2K21, which will update courses and players to take over a whole new generation of players.

Tony Hawk’s professional skate

A fond memory for many who spent their teenage years in their mother’s basement, Tony Hawk’s games may have been updated with the latest graphics tech, but they still have all the cheesy charm. of the original skateboarding action and are part of those classic games. always worth playing.

F1 2021

This is the official video game of the FIA ​​Formula One series and it really shows. All the famous drivers and circuits are there to fight for pole position, the checkered flag and this Champagne moment on the podium.

Football manager

Featuring football in the British sense, this football strategy game offers a great behind-the-scenes look at a football club, covering everything from buying and selling players to naming teams and rosters for every game. Try to take your non-league team to the top of the English Premiership.


WWE wrestling games may not be as popular as they used to be, but WWE2K is still a must have for all fans of the franchise, or the in-ring antics of their favorite wrestlers. From career tracking to live online fights, the detail is second to none.

Fighting Night Champion

If you prefer boxing to wrestling, you’ll find that Fight Night Champion is a knockout as you make your way to the top in one deadly encounter after another. Seconds, first round!

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