The Golden Era of Palm GSM Phones

To get to where we are regarding communication, we started from somewhere. I am talking about the golden era of palm GSM phones. They had buttons and some specific applications. Just as a reminder, GSM is the most widespread cellular services with over 118 countries embracing its services. Unlike CDMA that is only located in the United States of America and Russia only, GSM aims at providing users from most parts of the globe with amazing and affordable services. Here, we look at the times when the Palm GSM phones were at their pick.

About Palm GSM phones

According to reliable sources, GSM had its establishment in 1982 by a group of people. However, it took until 1991 for it to have its official launching. It was in mid 200s that the phones were in their prime though. Everybody who owned any of these devices felt like he owned the world. The devices came with a high element of prestige.

Features of palm GSM Phones

As aforementioned, there was nothing more prestigious as owning a palm GSM phone in a period between 2004 and 2010. They ruled the world. Here are some of their main features.  

  1. 1. They used 2G network

Most of the palm GSM phones used a 2G network that is now considered the second generation. 2G was famous for its slow but sure internet connectivity. Depending on your location and the signal levels, users would make calls and communicate to each other.  

  1. 2. Had SIM cards

One of the main characteristics of palm GSM phones is that they have SIM cards that help identify the user. Service providers also use these SIM cards to track users’ data usage and can bill them accordingly. Changing a service provider is also easy because all you have to do is sign up with another service provider using a different SIM card.

However, the main disadvantage with the SIM cards is that the user’s conversations are not private and are subject to landing in the authorities hands.  

  1. 3. Their services were affordable and widespread

One of the factors that led to the domination of Palm GSM phones is that their services were widespread. With over 218 countries using these services, communication was easier. To further impact on this, the cells did not have roaming charges, and there were no additional international calls unless those put in place by the service providers.  

  1. 4. They were easy to use

The golden era palm GSM phones were amongst the cheapest to use. Users had to follow the simple instructions provided and they were good to go. Communications were therefore easier, and users could perform basic functions faster.


Palm GSM phones were amazing because of the services that they offer. Even though their dominance in the market has declined currently, the phones were once a hot cake. This does not mean that they seized to provide awesome services. If anything, most users still use them. Their services are widespread, easier to operate and they are cost effective. The golden era of palm GSM phones was something that left a good mark in the technological sector.

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  1. in the late 90s owning a GSM palm phones in a gathering literally makes you in, it is more famous than having the most expensive smartphones today.

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