5 Must-Have Palm OS Apps

Many people think that if you own a Palm OS mobile phone, you have limited use of apps. However, with the growth of technology, nobody limits you to calendar and contact management apps alone. If anything, there are some enhanced apps that if you do not have them on your phone right now, you are missing a lot. In this article, we provide you with a list of some apps that will entertain, educate and motivate you in your daily activities. After all, what are mobile phones for?

Top 5 Must-Have Palm OS apps

Here is the list of my favourite apps:

1. 1. AvantGo

Every Palm OS user needs to be updated with all the information and news from around the world. However, there is no better way to do that other than having the legendary AvantGo app on your Palm OS device. The app updates itself automatically each time you press the HotSync button on your mobile phone. What is more is that the app does not cost much and you can get it on your phone, so you can stay updated with all the RSS Feeds.

1. 2. Avvenu

Who said that you have to be near your PC or desktop for you to access its services? With the new Avvenu app, you can connect your PC to your Palm device through the web. After linking the devices successfully, you can browse through the files in your hard drive and share them with other people even when you are not around your house or office. One case example where Avvenu can prove a saviour is when you go out and when you are in the middle of a journey you realise that you need a document from your hard drive urgently.

1. 3. Epocrates

Whether you are a healthcare worker or you have to take medication daily, the Epocrates app is for you. Epocrates app is one that has information on very many drugs, and it is regularly updated. If you are uncertain about the qualities or ingredients of a certain drug, you can use the app to find all the information that you need. The app undergoes regular updating services with the latest version having the pharmacology section when you can get additional information.

1. 4. eReader

If you are a Palm device user and you like reading, eReader brings you the best services. It allows you to read conveniently by giving you a fine layout of the book, allows you to copy notes and gives you suggestions of the books to read next.  

1. 5. Traffic

a fine layout of the book, allows you to copy notes and gives you suggestions of the books to read next.

The traffic app gives you something to think about because it is a challenging puzzle game. The game involves rearrangement of blocks with the main aim being the discovery of the escape route. The game is mind jogging, and you can download it for entertainment purposes.


Palm OS devices can have apps just like any other device. You do not have to limit yourself to the contacts and reminders app, but instead, you can download apps like eReader, Avvenu and AvantGo. They all offer different services that suit your daily needs. They are absolutely a must-have for every Palm users.

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