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5 Must-Have Palm OS Apps

Many people think that if you own a Palm OS mobile phone, you have limited use of apps. However, with the growth of technology, nobody limits you to calendar and contact management apps alone. If anything, there are some enhanced apps that if you do not have them on your […]

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Top 2 Palm Phones

As the days pass, communication becomes better and faster thanks to the growth in technology. Today, various manufacturers continue to release amazing mobile phones into the market with all having varying but interesting features. In this article, however, we will focus on Palm phones specifically. We all know all the […]

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We all love to use our mobile phones because of their awesome features and services. However, the problem comes in when you have to choose between CDMA and GSM cellular standards. The truth is, they all have their advantages and disadvantages. In case you are wondering what we are talking […]

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The Golden Era of Palm GSM Phones

To get to where we are regarding communication, we started from somewhere. I am talking about the golden era of palm GSM phones. They had buttons and some specific applications. Just as a reminder, GSM is the most widespread cellular services with over 118 countries embracing its services. Unlike CDMA […]

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What is GSM Cell Network?

When mobile phones were first introduced to the market, users were excited by the new technology. People were fascinated with the idea that they could communicate with anyone at any time and any place. However, to make the communication process possible, the mobile phones back then (and until now for […]

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